Rituals is multi layered ceremonial music for 6-50 saxophones.

Rituals is the intuitive and physical sound of West African music juxtaposed with the complex structures of American Post-Minimalism and European Classical music.

Wailing drones, gradual development of rhythmic complexity and pentatonic scales form the basic building blocks of the music. Each piece explores a singular musical idea, technique or form as a way to construct a diverse yet cohesive narrative where the transformation of sound through the multiplication of a single acoustic source/instrument type is the primary focus.

Released digitally and on vinyl on October 8, 2019

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Composition, arrangement, recording, mixing and mastering by Jacob Ridderberg.
Soprano-, alto- and baritone saxophone by Maria Dybbroe.

This album has been made possible with support from Koda’s Cultural Funds, DJBFA and DKF.

Frequency (excerpt):

Ambitus (excerpt):

Phase (excerpt):

Artwork by Cisser Mæhl
Design and Layout by Joshua Chronstedt

Artwork, design and layout by Joshua Chronstedt

Photo and editing by Joshua Chronstedt