Since 2011 i have worked continually with writing music for a wide variety of different classical ensembles. Furthermore i have studied classical composition, analysis and theory at MGK in Copenhagen (2013-2015) as well as MGK in Kolding (2015-2016). My primary teachers in these years have been Peter Bruun, Lars Bech Pilgaard as well as Østen Ore.

Selection of Works:

Pagan (2018) – Primal and ethereal music inspired by French impressionism and traditional Japanese music. Score: Pagan

The Flood (2016) – Post minimalistic phase music for 47 violins. Score: The Flood

Titanerne (2016) – Site specific, acoustic surround music for large chamber ensemble. The music was composed for and performed in a castle in Kolding (Kolding hus) and it is based around a reinterpretation of the battle of Carthage. Score: Titanerne

Together Apart (2015) – Spatial music for 2 flutes, saxophone and live electronics. Score: Together Apart

Despair (2014) – Highly chromatic, post tonal string quartet. Score: Despair

Sne (2014) – Minimalist music for crotales, tubular bells, glockenspiel, vibraphone, piano and 2 violins. Score: Sne

Extensive list of pieces written between 2011-2018