Throat is an examination of using site-specific and unusual acoustic environments as a catalyst for compositional expression as well as a tool to transform and transcend the timbral and aesthetic qualities associated with the recorder as an instrument.

Brønshøj Vandtårn: the massive cathedral-like water tower with approximately 15 seconds of reverb is shrouded in modal harmony and airy organ like timbres. Central to this composition is the use of textural, timbral and spatial development as a way to introduce variation in the rhythmically simple and meditative musical material. In other words the development of the piece is produced by contrasting:

– The intimate and fragile with the distant and diffused.
– The static and the simple with the dramatic and the complex.
– The noisy and airy with the somewhat sinusodial timbral possibilities of the recorder.

This piece has been recorded in Brønshøj in the massive water tower managed by Kulturhuset Pilegaarden.